Giftbomb Feature Expansion

Rapid Prototyping / Competitive Audit / User Journey Mapping / Feature Cards / Kano Analysis / Development Scoping / Axure / Sketch / Illustrator



With the great people at Giftbomb, ways to increase user engagement for their mobile gift card app were explored. We wanted to improve the overall experience while reflecting the product value and supporting the company’s mission. The challenge was to suggest new features that could be completed within a six-to-eight week development budget.


Through competitive audits, journey mapping, rapid prototyping, kano analysis and feature cards, we were able to better understand what features customers truly want.


A interactive prototype of one feature was generated in Axure. View prototype. This feature allows the user to re-gift their Giftbomb to another person, furthering adoption and encouraging users to spend more time in the app.



Giftbomb is a mobile gift card app that is looking to disrupt the manner in which consumers purchase and distribute gift cards by encouraging and supporting both spontaneous and scheduled gifting. Their mission is to enable thoughtful giving. They do this by partnering with only local businesses, strengthening local communities. The digital nature of the gifting also helps to reduce plastic consumption and a portion of their proceeds is pledged to support local causes.



•Gift givers wanting to send a quick and accessible gift to friends/family/colleagues

•Recipients looking to more effectively manage gift cards

•Sales/business people wanting to give gifts to employees and clients

•Businesses looking to grow their reach and acquire more customers



Increase user engagement: As Giftbomb grows, they would like to consider ways in which they can encourage users to spend more time in the app in a meaningful way.  

Convey the value of merchants: Merchants are carefully and deliberately curated in order to ensure their value and user satisfaction with purchased gift cards. (Currently, only merchants with a Facebook and/or Google rating of 4.0 or higher, depending on amount of reviews provided, are allowed to be featured.) This value is core to the app’s service delivery and could be more effectively communicated to potential and current gifters/recipients.

Include a sense of human emotion: The app’s experience could be enhanced by introducing a clear human connection to the emotions felt when giving and receiving gifts. Furthermore, key interactions could more meaningfully convey the organizational values of community, connectedness, and sustainable gifting. 


Feature 1- Regift / Development Time 1-2 Weeks


A competitive audit was conducted with the goal to discover what is working for others in the industry. It was revealed that competitors have a regifting option while Giftbomb currently lacks that feature. A user may have relocated, have a food allergy, or be working to modify their habits (e.g. diet, alcohol consumption). This feature allows the user to re-gift their Giftbomb to another person, furthering adoption and encouraging users to spend more time in the app.

View Prototype


Feature 2- Integrate Apple Wallet / Development Time 3 Weeks


A user who receives a Giftbomb gift is encouraged to download the app to redeem their gift. However, users may not have enough storage space on their device resulting in abandonment or a more tedious redemption process. Allowing a user to add a Giftbomb gift to their Apple Wallet without downloading the Giftbomb app dramatically reduces this pain point.


Feature 3- In App Messaging / Development time 1-2 Weeks


Journey mapping unveiled that a gifter may not know if the recipient received and or valued their gift. In app messaging allows the gift receiver to send a personalized message to the sender. Additionally the gifter is notified when the Giftbomb has been redeemed. This feature will increase user engagement by encouraging users to spend more time in the app.